Recertification FAQ

Recertification FAQs

If I can’t attend any of the upcoming recertification clinics, what do I do?

If you are in Eastern New York any time before the middle of April, please make all efforts to attend an available in-person clinic. More classes are being posted on a rolling basis until then so keep checking back.

In-person Class Registration:

A process will be announced after that period for candidates that need an alternative option. It will be posted on the link below so please check back then.

In the meantime, please register for the appropriate course on the Learning Center and complete the appropriate modules (so you are only waiting for the in-person portion). The cost of recertification will have late fees added after mid-February and increase progressively over the Spring season.

How do I get my badge?

If you are a (Grassroots) Referee, you will receive your badge at the conclusion of the clinic. Reminders are sent to all clinic registrants if their requirements are not completed ahead of the class as a courtesy. Attending a clinic without recertifying on the Learning Center and completing all necessary modules will result in no badge at the clinic.

If you are a Futsal referee, Regional, Regional Emeritus, National Emeritus, Beach Soccer or Indoor Soccer referee, your badge will be mailed to you upon conclusion of all your online course modules to the address on your Learning Center profile.

I signed up for a class on the Google form. Am I confirmed?

Yes, your Google form entry will send you a receipt of the answers you entered to the email address you provided. That serves as confirmation and you will receive an email 1-2 days before the session from the State Referee Administrator (SRA) with last minute details and reminders.

Have I completed all the requirements before the class?

Watch this:

Is there a deadline to complete recertification by?

The US Soccer registration year ends on June 30th. However,

  • classes will be closed significantly before then,
  • you will need time to complete all the necessary online modules,
  • you will need to participate in the recertification in-person class and
  • fees for recertifying later in the season will increase progressively.

If you plan on officiating, recertify on the Learning Center immediately and complete the online modules (even if you cannot make an upcoming in-person class).

Until you complete recertification, you will not be permitted to officiate and will not be invited to the new assigning system, RefInsight.


If the questions above still don’t answer your questions, email

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