Out of State Transfer

Welcome to Eastern New York (ENY)!

Presumably you:

  • have been a certified US Soccer referee in the last 3 years in another State or
  • are currently certified under another State Association.

In order to transfer to ENY, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Add ENY to your Learning Center profile

Associate your Learning Center profile with Eastern New York State Referee Committee by doing the following steps (reference video).

  1. Go to your US Soccer Learning Center Profile
  2. Under Relationships, click Manage My Relationships
  3. Search and add Eastern New York State Referee Committee and click Update

Also update your Learning Center address to your new address in ENY as well.

Step 2: Get confirmation of good standing

Have your State Referee Administrator send an email with confirmation of good standing to:

The subject should contain the phrase “Referee Transfer”

You can find your relevant SRA here.


Following these two steps, you will be invited by the Area Coordinator to the assigning platform to onboard and receive games and introduced to your local Referee Association for ongoing support.