New Referee FAQ

New Referee FAQs

At what age can someone become a Referee?

A: NYS Labor Law mandates that the minimum age requirement is 14. Note that the participant must be 14 years old at the time of course registration.

If you want to try the course beforehand without paying, you can complete the Grassroots module (the bulk of the course) using the course below.

Note that this will not licence you to referee but it will credit your progress if you choose to register and pay for the full course later within the same registration year (July 1st-June 30th).

How can I find an assignor and get games?

You must complete the certification process first. All of:

  • Online modules,
  • Zoom session and
  • Field training

After that, you will receive outreach from your local Area coordinator and Assignor via email according to your location preferences.

Online Modules FAQs

I’m stuck on a Course module slide on Learning Center, how do I proceed?

Sometimes, you can get stuck on a slide on the Learning Center because of:

  • no button appearing to lead you to the next slide
  • a prompt saying “Connection Issue”

Try the following steps individually to see if it resolves the issue.

  1. Ensure you are using a Desktop computer using Google Chrome.
  2. Make sure that you have watched all videos in their entirety on the page in question.
  3. Log out and back in again and re-open the module. Ensure to select Restart instead of Resume.

If none of the above work, reach out and email:

Share a Loom of the issue you are facing and explain in detail the issue you’re facing. It could take several business days for it to be resolved so please be patient. The more details you provide, the easier it is to provide a straightforward solution.

The SafeSport course requirement is not launching for me. How do I proceed?

Be sure to open SafeSport on a desktop computer on Google Chrome.

If you’re having more issues, read below.

If you’re still stuck after all that, file a ticket with SafeSport directly.

My background check appears to be stuck

If your background check is stuck in “Submitted” state or has come back rejected, you can reach out to to inquire about the status.

This is especially important if you lived outside the United States in the last 7 years because they will require an international background check (additional cost and information). For that, they reach out by email which often gets missed and/or goes to Spam.

See here for more FAQs on background checks.

How can I check if I have completed all of my course assignments?
Check out the video below for a walk-through.
When will I get the link for the ZOOM session?

If you have completed all required modules, you will receive a calendar invite with the relevant information the night before the Zoom (keep an eye out on your Spam folder).

In addition, the Zoom link will appear on the home page of the New Referee course (see example below on the right beside “Virtual”).

If you are not eligible for the Zoom due to not completing the modules on time, you will be transferred to the next course and receive a notification email.

Field Session FAQs

Can I attend any Field Session?

Yes, you can attend any listed Field Session on the Google form.

The field session offerings are listed below. Please register if you plan to attend.

Can I attend a Field Session before I complete my scheduled Zoom call?

Yes, you may register and participate in a field session before your scheduled Zoom call BUT you must complete all online requirements.

The best way to know you’re eligible is if you receive our weekly reminder email from Claudia that will officially invite/remind you to sign up.

How do I find a field session for the Capital district or Staten Island?

There are not enough new referees coming from these two regions so field sessions are not hosted regularly here.

As a result, you should seek to attend a session in an adjacent district.

  • For Staten Island, that would likely be NYC.
  • For Capital District, that would be Hudson Valley.

In the circumstances of extreme difficulty, reach out to your respective local area coordinator.

What do I prepare/bring for a Field Session?


  1. Athletic attire; Dress appropriate to the weather
  2. Cleats or indoor turf shoes are good as we will be on grass;
  3. Whistle and flag [if you have one]. If not, we will provide;
  4. Water / snack;
  5. Parent or guardian for the first 10-15 minutes are strongly recommended to attend (if you are under 18)
I haven’t received a confirmation of signing up for the field session

Presumably you’ve filled out the Google form. If so, you should receive an email at the email you entered containing the responses you just completed (example below). This is the sign-up confirmation.

  • Please note down the field session address, date and time period from the form.
  • You will receive an email from the lead instructor 1 day before the session touching base with you to confirm the field session.

Confirmation Email

Field Session sign-up form Responses email: Edit response button
What if I can’t attend the field session I chose?

Presumably you’ve filled out the Google form. If so, you should receive an email at the email you entered containing the responses you just completed.

See this video on how to update your registration.

Uniform FAQs

How do I receive my uniform code?

The code to order your uniforms will be sent within 24 hours of your Learning Center Zoom class.

You should expect to receive the code and instructions from Claudia (please check your Spam/Junk folder first). If you don’t see an email in that timeframe, reach out to Claudia <> with the following information in the email:

  • Candidate Full Name
  • Zoom class your course is part of (if you were transferred, mention the most recent dated one)

Use the email subject “Uniform Code request for <Name>”

What equipment do I need to get started?

Generally for what you need as a referee, check out our Uniforms and Equipment page.

If you sign up for an Eastern New York-hosted New Referee course through the Learning Center, the course cost includes a uniform starter pack.

As you spend more time in refereeing, moving to higher age groups and potentially getting into the adult game, you will need more uniform colour options (variety of team jerseys’ will cause conflicts with the base yellow and green) as well as sleeve-lengths (for NY’s different seasons).

The US Soccer’s official equipment partner is Official Sports. You can browse here to expand your equipment arsenal or pay out of pocket during your initial Score Sports uniform order to add more items.

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