End of Registration Year Referee Courses

The US Soccer registration year runs from July 1st to June 30th. Due to the proximity of the end of year, classes are closed to plan and prepare for the new curriculum and handle the current year’s remaining candidates. We will be opening next year’s registration classes in early-to-mid July.

Option 1: If you are motivated to start refereeing right away and can complete all your modules relatively quickly (<1 week), we can grant you access to a current (private) course to complete it.

Option 2: If you aren’t in a rush and are casually inquiring, I would suggest completing our waitlist below so we notify you when the next official course opens in July.

If you take the July class (it’s technically the next registration year), you would be licenced until the end of 2025 (18 months). If you took the private course option, you would only be certified until the end of this year (~6-8 months) and would have to recertify (shorter process) to continue officiating next year as every referee does annually.

If you are motivated to participate in Option 1, you can join via the course below.

When you do complete all the modules or have any questions, reach out to questions+newref@enysreferee.org.