Become a Referee

ENYSRA offers instructional courses for those interested in becoming soccer referees:

Grades 9-7 Courses

U.S. Soccer Grade 9 Referee (minimum age = 14)
This course is preparation for officiating recreational and grassroots soccer matches

U.S. Soccer Grade 8 Referee (minimum age = 14)
This course addresses the underlying procedures for officiating competitive youth soccer matches up to age 16.

U.S. Soccer Grade 7 Referee (minimum age = 17).
This course prepares the referee for managing players and games at the amateur and adult levels.

Upgrade Courses

We also offer upgrade courses to advance from a lower grade (Grade 9 or Grade 8) to a higher grade (Grade 8 or Grade 7). Prospective upgrade candidates must meet certain requirements to achieve the next level, such as a minimum of one year officiating at the present grade, officiating a certain number of sanctioned games, both as a referee and as an assistant referee, and successfully passing a fitness test (Grade 7 referees and higher). U.S.Soccer referee grades differ from educational school grades.

In U.S. Soccer, the lowest grade is Grade 9 (recreational referee), progressing up to Grade 1 (FIFA referee).