Assigning System FAQ

Assigning System FAQs

I haven’t received an email for RefInsight yet. How do I get it?
  1. Check your Learning Center profile to see if your referee licence has been issued. In most cases, referees were not invited because they haven’t recertified and completed all the necessary online requirements.
  2. If your licence issue date was within the last week, please be patient as we are uploading referees on an ongoing basis. Please allow 7-10 business days.
  3. If you do see your Referee licence issued over 10 days ago (and no issues with your background check and SafeSport), you should be able to look up your account on RefInsight using the Account Activation method described in the official announcement.
I hold an out of state licence. How do I get on the platform?

You must do all of the following:

  1. Ensure you have completed all the steps in the Out-of-State transfer process. Always safe to do it again if you’re not sure you’ve done this before.
  2. You can complete the payment to onboard here ($10).
  3. Fill out the following form as well so we have your information to onboard you onto the system.
What if my district uses Arbiter?

The districts currently using Arbiter are: Long Island and Capital District (Albany).

If your assignors are continuing to use Arbiter, you should still sign up on RefInsight and activate your account.

  1. Any State Referee Committee important communication will be issued through the new system.
  2. Classes related to your referee certification and licensing will be posted on RefInsight including other special events.
  3. In addition, being on RefInsight can make you eligible for additional games from other regional assignors.
I’ve activated my account and logged in, now what?

You can start with the steps below.

Additional training for referees will be announced by email.



If the questions above still don’t answer your questions, email

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