This page is intended for:

  • Referees upgrading to Regional
  • Regional referees
  • Regional referees upgrading to National

# of assessments:

  • Referees upgrading to Regional require 3 assessments
  • Regional referees require 2 assessments

The last assessment is paid for by ENYSRC.

Note that the assessment protocol has updated for 2023-2024:

  1. Complete payment through GameOfficials (1st assessment, 2nd assessment [where relevant])
  2. You must use the Assessment Request Google form to submit your request to the SDA. Email outreach to the SDA is no longer required.
  3. Upon assignment of a Referee Mentor/Coach, the SDA will confirm the details via email with the referee.
    • In the event of any changes to the game/schedule, the referee will immediately notify the SDA and assigned Mentor/Coach.
  4. Following the match, the referee will receive a copy of the assessment report from the Mentor/Coach via email or GameOfficials.