Welcome to Eastern New York Soccer Referee Association

The ENY Soccer Referee Association provides referees for the recreational and travel soccer programs of Eastern New York State Soccer Association (ENYSSA) and Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA); the largest Adult and Youth sports organizations in the State.

Our referees are certified through the United States Soccer Federation and are part of the Eastern New York Soccer Referee Association. Many of our referees take assignments in competitive youth and adult leagues, including the Cosmopolitan Soccer League (CSL) and Junior Soccer League (CJSL), Long Island Soccer Football League (LISFL) and Junior Soccer League (LIJSL), the Eastern District Soccer League (EDSL), The New York Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League (NYMWSL), plus adult amateur and semi-professional matches in the Eastern New York area.

Our referees also officiate in numerous local and out-of-area competitive youth and adult tournaments organized by other clubs and leagues, and have been invited to participate in prestigious State Cup and Regional competitive tournaments. We have also had Referees from our State reach the pinnacle of the refereeing pathway and have become FIFA Referees and Assistant Referees.

About half of our referees are youth referees. As throughout the state, most of our referees are Referee Grade 8, but we do have a number of National, Senior and Emeritus Referees and Instructors who support the Program in various capacities.

We welcome new and experienced referees to join us, and simply ask that you be committed to working on a regular and consistent basis throughout each soccer season to develop, improve, and refine your officiating skills, and that you honor your commitments for game assignments. Without this commitment, you would be limiting your opportunities for personal growth and development gained through challenging experiences and demanding on-field decision making, and taking valuable resources away from ENY’s or any club or league’s mentoring, guidance, and development programs.

It is important to the growth and professional development of each referee to attend all meetings to reinforce on-field mechanics and dynamic decision making, stay aligned with FIFA and USSF interpretive rulings, and determine where and how to best offer assistance through our formal Development & Guidance Program. Continuous educational information can be found here.